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Please note that I am in the process of moving this material to a new site - 

This site is a work in progress. I am currently doing major edits of all chapters so took them offline for a while. I am now restoring them but if you go to a page/chapter that is not available this is because it is still being edited.  I am currently also updating the indexes.

In terms of photographs here, most are from collections of my mother and her parents. Where relevant photos have not been available, I have tried to find photos that are in the public domain or for which there is a Creative Commons licence. Increasingly, I have built up a collection of relevant items and ephemera and have scanned or photographed these myself. In a few cases, I have purchased licences to copyright material e.g. from Alamy, Shutterstock or Picture Nottingham.


If anyone thinks that any materials here breach their intellectual property rights, please let me know and I will seek to address this.


Thanks for submitting!
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