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Mum and Dad's and Other Weddings

At the start of this period, mum and dad were already engaged to be married, having got engaged on mum’s birthday. In February 1955, mum noted that she and dad had talked and they “decided to ask mummy & daddy if we could get married on June 2nd 1956”. Mum also noted that she hoped they said yes. Presumably they did as mum and dad did get married on that day.


On 19 December 1955, mum must have asked Arthur Lofthouse if he would marry them as there is a letter from him, dated 28 December 1955, among mum’s papers accepting that role.

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Letter from Arthur Lofthouse December 1956. I am not sure who all the people are, nor the meaning of the comment about a wedding present. Presumably, this is some kind of joke?

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In January 1956, mum noted that she had decided to ask Carole Holland to be her sixth bridesmaid. She did not record asking the other five but they were Marilyn Seville, Dorothy Lofthouse, Maureen and Janet Stark (dad’s nieces) and Lynne Evans. That same month, grandma and mum went to see Mrs Booler, of Beulah Road, to see about making bridesmaids’ dresses. In February 1956, mum went into Nottingham and got a sample and pattern for the bridesmaids’ dresses. That same month, she went into Nottingham with grandma. They bought mum’s going away dress and material for her dress. They “ordered bridesmaids” (presumably material) and “looked at Roy’s” (suit?). They also got cake decorations.


In March 1956, Dorothy visited in order to be measured for her bridesmaid’s dress. That same month, both grandad and dad were measured for their suits, and grandma ordered her dress. At the end of that month, mum took Maureen and Janet to be measured. The measuring continued into April with Lynne and Carole being measured on the 3rd. On the 7th, Marilyn visited to be measured. On the 15th, mum took Lynne for a fitting. Three days later, she bought presents for the bridesmaids and ties for dad, grandad, and Denis, dad’s brother and best man. On the 21st, mum took Maureen and Janet for a fitting and on the 29th Marilyn visited for a fitting.


In May, on the 8th, and again on the 15th, mum went to Mrs Booler’s to have her dress fitted. On 28 May, mum noted making lots of cake etc. She also noted that Ella Lofthouse arrived for the wedding on the 28th and Arthur on the 31st. Dorothy came on 1 June and, that night, mum noted going to chapel to put tables up.


Mum and dad got married at Bourne Methodist chapel on 2 June 1956 at 2.30pm. The wedding was officiated by the current minister, Rev Howells, and the former minister and family friend, Arthur Lofthouse. There were several copies of the order of service among mum’s papers. According to these, the opening music was Antantino” by Edwin H Lemare. There were three hymns and the service included holy communion. The three hymns were “The voice that breathed o’er Eden”, “Be known to us in the breaking bread” and “O perfect love”. Other music included the bridal march “Lohengrin” by Wagner, Mendelssohn’s  wedding march and Handel’s Largo, during the signing of the register.


Because of ill-health, grandad was unable to attend the wedding. This meant that mum was “given away” by grandma’s brother, Bert. Ken Hodges sat with grandad during the wedding and Mr Pinchbeck, the pastor of the Full Gospel church, made an audio recording of the

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