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Second World War

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This set of diaries covers the period of the Second World War, that is from 1939 to 1945. There were a number of family weddings during this period and mum was bridesmaid twice. Although there were no deaths of family or friends as a direct result of the war, there were a number of deaths of family and friends during this period. Grandad continued to run his shoe business during the war and he described how rationing affected his business. Grandad's diaries covered a number of other aspects of wartime life including where they lived, attending chapel, practical tasks, illnesses, music, other forms of entertainment, travel and grandad's interest in clocks.

Mum was almost five when the war started and almost eleven when it ended, so much of her childhood was during wartime. This included attending junior school at East Kirkby County School. There are some details of her friends during that period, including an evacuee from Birmingham who came to stay with the family.

Grandad's diaries do capture some of the major events of the war, including the declaration of war, the Battle of Britain, D Day, use of atomic weapons against Japan and the German and Japanese surrenders. The diary also contains some details of strikes which occurred during the war and the 1945 general election. During the war, grandad worked as a  fire watcher. The diaries describe this and other wartime experiences including of air raids. 

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