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The Early Fifties

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In 1951, the Parkins moved house from the back of the shop in Station Street to 96 Welbeck Street, where grandma's parents had previously lived. There were a number of births, weddings and deaths among family and friends. In 1950, Roy and Kath Evans had another daughter, Anne Elizabeth, In 1951, Ken Hodges and Pearl Marshall were married and, in 1953, Kenneth Cirket married Pauline Knibbs. Grandad continued to run the family shoe business and during this period was involved in a court case when a man deliberately broke one of the shop windows. The whole family were handy in a number of different practical ways. There were a number of significant family illnesses during this period with grandad suffering from pyelitis and grandma having surgery for an ovarian cyst. Other aspects of life in the early 1950s included music, transport and pets. There were various types of entertainment in the early 1950s including parties, theatre, cinema, socialising with friends, dancing and sports. There was also an annual carnival and a number of day trips and longer holidays. 

The early 1950s were very much the start of the TV age and the Parkins got their first television in 1951. Mum was extremely involved in Methodist chapel during this period, particularly through the Sunday School but also in other ways, In 1950, mum finished at Nottingham Girls High School and went for a year to Miller's Business College. From October 1951, she started work, initially with Mansfield Education Office and then for Fordham and Burton and Kirkby Cooperative Manufacturing. During this period, mum began showing an interest in boys and dad appeared on the scene. Royle Drew came from a very different background from mum and they met through the chapel youth club. Significant external events recorded in the diaries included the Festival of Britain, the death of King George VI and the coronation.

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