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Family Trees

Please note that I am in the process of moving this material to a new site - 

It was never my intention to compile a family tree or trees but I found I had to, at least to some extent, in order to understand who was who in the diaries. I did have a bit of a head start as both mum and grandad had done some work on family trees. In particular, in 1999, mum received from Alan Cirket, a professional archivist and family member, a very extensive family tree for the Cirkets, my maternal grandmother's father's family who came from Elstow in Bedfordshire and who had lived there for many years. I have supplemented these family trees through my own research. 


I still have not settled on the best way to record and display these family trees. I have recorded a lot of material in narrative notes and I have entered basic details into a family tree software package. But, I still like hand-drawn family trees and I am experimenting with these on large sheets of paper! I have included some relevant bits of family trees in diary notes but on this page I am sharing photos of a few of the more complete family trees I have generated. These include:



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